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Monday, 13 May 2013

I haven't...

...posted a picture of a baby rhino in aggggesss.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

New game for the ZX Spectrum

This game adds to my original code from my earlier game Mole Rat!  16* Levels of fast furious shooting to defeat the might of the Pomodorian empire.  It's still inspired by some top 1980's Arcade favourites.  This one is likely to be released on cassette and available in some form or other, watch this space.

As usual, it's available as a TAP file from the World of Spectrum Archive.

*the game loops at this point with different graphics, so far I've reached level 80 without POKEs.
**The inlay displayed is actually incorrect, it has been pointed out that 'for any Spectrum' should include the 16k models also, which neither SHUTTLEBUG nor MOLE RAT do.  The WOS Archive contains a corrected version.


The Geology of London!  This one was a bit of a struggle in the end, as I've not been to the big smoke for over 15 years and the reference book I was using was well out of date.  Hopefully my ignorance doesn't show too much.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

New game for the ZX Spectrum

I've done a new bit of software for the good old Speccy.  MOLE RAT!  is a simple old school arcade game based on some 1980s games like Attack Force, Targ, Universal Chaos, Crossfire.  You are Mole Rat and you must destroy the moths that have invaded your warren.

Available from the World of Spectrum archive.

EDIT: RETROGAMER Magazine reviewed this in November and gave it 82%


Saturday, 7 July 2012


Ok I don't get excited very often, but this comes close.  Legendary programmer Locomalito, in conjunction with RetrogamerCD have remade my ZX Spectrum Game into a new PC remake.  I don't know much about PCs (which stands for Personal Computer don't you know), but considering Loco is working on inferior hardware to the ZX Spectrum I'd say he's done a jolly good job.  Arf.

Video here:

Here's a cool video of a guy enjoying the frustrations of the game.  Put the biggest smile on my face.

It's freeware and can be downloaded from here or here.

It's an absolute treat to play these remakes, though I must admit the most annoying thing (in addition to not being able to complete them) is that I keep wishing "I wish I thought of that".

Please download, enjoy and above all, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

Well done everybody, and thanks.